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unapologetically ourselves

Join the movement and community for marginalised gender entrepreneurs, creatives and small business owners who are neurodivergent or who have disabilities


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unapologetically ourselves

Join the movement and community for marginalised gender 
entrepreneurs, creatives and small business owners who are neurodivergent or have disabilities…

Let's ditch the shame and rock our brands and businesses in our unique ways! 


I need to join this epic sisterhood!

We all have gold to share and value to give. Some might say my neurodivergence or disabilities lessen my value, whereas I'd say they help me rock.

Jennifer Cairns
Founder of Lady Rebel Club® 
& Rebel World LTD

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I'm A Rebel With A Cause!

Hey, I'm Jennifer,

the voice behind

Lady Rebel Club®.


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Be part of a community that "gets it", feel empowered and pay it forward by inspiring others and having the impact you've been longing to make. 
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rebel author

Be an author and take part in an international bestseller campaign! Reach out to apply to be in our Rebel With A Cause book, launching in Sept. 2022.
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ignite your rebel

Ready to get more intentional with being a Rebel Leader? Learn more about igniting your confidence, revenue and impact without feeling fake or being perfect.
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ROAR is our digital magazine packed full of interviews, cutting-edge research, insights and voices from our community. Contact us for dates, sponsoring, advertising pricing and editorial opportunities.
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BAUW books

Becoming an Unstoppable Woman is the movement and international bestselling book series that's empowering and inspiring women all over the world. Find out more about the book series now.
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rebel media 

We are super passionate about elevating our community. We strive to lift our rebel leaders and spread the mission of the Lady Rebel Club® movement. You can learn more about all we're doing here.
Elevating 🙌🏿

the Rebel Hour podcast & Unstoppable AF YouTube show!


Want to share your story or brand's message?


Rebel Hour podcast will be available on Spotify, iTunes and through numerous other platforms on the She Rises Studios network.


Unstoppable AF is the new YouTube show talking with the rebel leaders behind some epic kick-ass brands.

We LUV working with others!
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Reach out to [email protected]


*Please know that LRC is for women and all marginalised genders as well as anyone who identifies with and supports our values. 

We strive to be inclusive and to make our content, products and community as accessible as possible. But we're human and if we can do better, let us know. Or if you need anything in a different format, let us know and we'll do our best. Lastly, please know inclusivity and diversity are huge values we embrace and there is NO space in our community for hatred or any "ism". We acknowledge our community will be a diverse one. We don't have to agree on everything but we do need to respect each other.

Lady Rebel Club®, Rebel World Media & Rebel Leader Institute are part of Rebel World LTD. Registered Address: 27 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX United Kingdom