even though we want to rock, we often hide

Despite wanting to rock the world, when we're neurodivergent or have disabilities we can often be made to feel ashamed or fearful. We can worry about others "finding out". We ache to be ourselves yet fret about what our customers/clients, network, friends, family, investors, employees, mentors and audience will think or say...

"You're not capable."
"You won't have time."
"You won't be able to do the work."
"You're probably lazy."
"You won't be able to cope."
"This is probably too complicated for you."
"You're just that bit less."
"You'll probably be off all the time."
"You must get a lot of help to do your work."
"Do you work like a normal person?"
"That's not an actual disability."
"You seem so normal."
"You don't seem like there is anything wrong with you."

So we hide.
Trouble is, we end up hiding our strengths and gold, too.

the four actions we take to support our community so they no longer feel like they need to hide

We empower our community with our content, events, media platforms, books, by connecting them with each other, through our platform (coming soon) and in so many other ways.

We bring Lady Rebels together from all over the world and across all sectors. Plus, we're building a world-class GLOBAL network of powerful women and allies in the business and creative spaces.

We never speak for others, yet we're using our voice to support our community and to change how others view "different". We're busy behind-the-scenes shifting biases and limited beliefs on a global scale.

We do OODLES of work to elevate our community through our media platforms, hybrid events, speaking opportunities, fashion shows, opportunities to work with multi-national organisations and so much more!

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our rebel world...

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